America’s Conflict with Belief …and perhaps mine as well

There are many articles during this pandemic centered around the severity of people being isolated with their own thoughts. Particularly for those who have mental illnesses and addictions. I think it’s safe to say, whether you have mental illness or not, negative thinking and rumination of those thoughts have become a disabling inclusivity for everyone during this time. For those with comorbid conditions, it can be tougher for someone to tell you to just BELIEVE that God will get you through these times when family and friends are being impacting through their own illnesses, death and job loss. 

I found myself to be in my own bubble regarding the virus because I’m considered an essential worker, so for me it was business as usual. But before covid-19 I was already in the mind-state that I wanted to dedicate the next 21 days to fast for healing for my health condition, to condition my mind to BELIEVE that God can do the same miracles he did in biblical times in our modern world, and to believe He could not only do it for me but for my loved ones as well. The problem was. Believing it. 21 days had past, but the same health issues were there. And in just 30 minutes out of a great day I was having, something happened in my life that reminded me my health condition was STILL there. That same doubt I had before the 21 day fast re-entered my mind and boom! My whole 21 days of “lord I trust you” just went out the window! Does this sound familiar for those who pray for things to change but your situation or your bank account is still in the red due to covid-19’s impact? So how do we apply belief? Not just a concept or a faith over fear hashtag —but a daily life application?
Honestly, there may be plenty more 30 min feelings of disappointment or discouragement down your journey to BELIEF. But, The Bible says in John 15:7, If you remain in me and my words remain in you, ask whatever you wish, and it will be done for you. That word “IF” in the scripture brought me so much hope. The Definition of “if” means 1a : in the event that. b : allowing that c : on the assumption that.
Now imagine God saying:  “In the event that you are discouraged,  when you allow my words to be in your heart you can assumesuppose to be the case, without proof)  whatever you are asking will be done.
Wow. If we can just hold on to that promise it can change every aspect of not only your negative thinking but knowing God WANTS what you want. With our wants comes responsibility though. There’s a story in Mark 9 where a child is possessed with a demon and the child’s father says to Jesus “Have mercy on us and help us IF you can”. Jesus replied, “What do you mean IF you can?” It was as if He was almost insulted by the child’s father doubt regarding His miraculous power. Jesus then says, “Anything is possible IF a person believes”. In Mark 9:29 He tells us the responsibilities that accompany our wants by stating the only way that demon could be cast out was by PRAYER. So what does this tell us? We need to: 
  1. Consecrate our minds with positive thoughts & scriptures every day that debunks those negative thoughts that come in.
  2. Pray without ceasing for yourself & others.
  3. Be obedient to what He asks for You to do.
  4. Remain in his Word.
  5. Ask yourself after you do 1-4: Have you allowed your day to control your belief OR has your belief controlled your day?


  1. I love those 5 steps you gave at the end. Sometimes we just need very practical ways to strengthen our faith and relationship with God. Thank you so much for this! God is really using SCB, and I love to see it!

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