Washington, DC/Maryland -Shenee Turner, LGPC,NCC,   Starving Christians Founder

“The idea of Starving Christians came to mind in 2011 as I began to  meet all walks of life while living in Los Angeles.  Some were new babes in Christ who were dealing with:  depression, loneliness, life’s purpose, hurt from past experiences; to those who were more mature in their Christian walk and knew the key principles of the Word but also still felt trapped in the mind set of “Where do I go from here?” I began to see that this World was in desperate need of spiritual World peace, so I wanted to create a platform that integrated both mental health and spirituality. Being a DC/Maryland licensed graduate counselor with emphasis in Pastoral Counseling, my goal is to reach the masses of believers and non-believers, to help guide them through their own healing process and self discovery. I am married to my wonderful co-writer of Starving Christians, Marcus Turner, where we share our wonderful dog Nipsey! I pray this blog will be the hub to healing by feeding humanity the Word from Jesus Christ -The Healer himself –one blog at a time. ”



If you would like to be a contributing writer please click on the Contact Us tab and email us! God Bless!


  1. I just stumbled upon this blog. So good to see other young christian women out there encouraging each other on the journey. Thanks for your commitment!
    – Lauren x

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