Thank you for visiting Starving Christians Blog site! This is a platform that will allow for those who are spiritually curious about God to read from writers who are spiritually vulnerable about their own spiritual journeys.
  We pray it will resonate, inspire and spark discussions desiring to know and understand more about God.  This platform focuses on topics such as mental health, real-life situations, emotional and spiritual reflections that we all go through.
We have been featured in:
Our Mission is that you grow in your studies about God and fully comprehend the foundation of what it means to be saved, learn about God’s grace, applications to walking in obedience to God, and so much more! God Bless!
Our Prayer:
Dear Lord, We thank you and pray over each individual who is reading this blog right now. We know that everything happens for a reason, and since they have come across this site it tell us that they are searching for answers, their purpose, and wanting to build a deeper relationship with you. Oh God, we ask that this blog minister to their heart that they may retain your word for it is written,
“Thy word have I hidden in my heart that I may not sin against you” Psalms 119:11
We pray for healing and peace; rebuke all discouragement, doubt, and distractions as they embark on this Christian development of learning your Word, discovering how they can apply it to their everyday lives, and witnessing to others of Your goodness in Jesus name. Amen.

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