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The 4:8 Principle by Tommy Newberry has been the best book we have stumbled up yet! Here it gives you insights on the true biblical definition of what it means to have and experience “Joy”! It is definitely a foundational book for not only yourself but it is truly the gift that keeps on giving , because once you have insights to “The  Secret to a Joyfilled Life” , you are going to want to tell  everyone about it!

 We are so IN LOVE with author Gary Chapman’s “The 5 Love Languages”! If you are in the “preparation stage” in any of these avenues of life: Single, Engaged, Married, Married and Expecting Kids well this book is for you! He breaks down the communication barriers of how each of us express the way we show our love in 5 groups. Find out how you and your significant other or potential other expresses their love in this book! Gary Chapman has made his book into a series of the Men’s Edition, Children Edition, even God’s Love Languages! Get this book today and you will thank Starving Christians later 🙂

 Stormie Omartian’s Book Series on the Power of Prayer are a must have and must read! Praying is a key in spiritual growth and guarding your heart and mind of what the devil tries to attack us with daily! Please pick up your copy today!








The Great Lemonade Maker is one of our biasedly personal favorites that is near and dear to our hearts! This is the founder of Starving Christians Blog mother’s book, Author Angela Lei Shephard. This easy read book will address life’s tough challenges in a humorous, jovial tone without diminishing its seriousness. Come and journey with the author as she introduces the recipe for A GREAT PITCHER OF LEMONADE and encourages and motivates each person to go back to the Kitchen and began to drink from a new Pitcher of Life! Also read her contributing blog pieces: Being Single and Christian, Oh my! 

Reviews Coming Soon..(click here for more)


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