W.O.W Happy Mother’s Day!

There is a lot of controversy about Ayesha Curry’s discussion with Jada Pickett-Smith on Facebook Watch: Red Table Talk. She expressed her insecurities about being in a marriage for 10 years and not getting other male attention as her husband gets from women. I think people focused on that part and made their on opinions about it, however I chose to focus and listen to the 3 things she said after she made that statement:

 1.  Is there something wrong with me?

 2. It’s not fair. 

 3. It would be nice to know that someone’s looking.

Most women,  including mother’s, have asked or have made at least one of those statements in their lifetime to themselves or to friends. (If not, keep living. Lol)

Maybe you have said to yourself “is there something wrong with me” —when dealing with infertility or infidelity, failed relationships or lack of intimacy in your marriage.

Maybe you have said “it’s not fair” —if you are a single mom or in a marriage who feel like you do more around the house with no support as you still balance work & social life.

Maybe you have said “it would be nice to know that someone is looking” — when you feel not at your sexiest, when your wardrobe is not up to date, or your body is no longer the ideal size or shape it use to be due to life or having a baby.


1. the quality of being good enough; suitability.

2. the quality of deserving attention or respect.

This blog is to say mother’s— I see you! When I think of mother’s I think W. O. W! You are Women of Worthiness ! I have seen women who have stepped up to be a mother by becoming adoptive parents or have become the legal guardian of a child in need.  I applaud you. I have seen mother’s who have dropped everything, even at the risk of losing their job, to attend to their child at school due to their behavior. I see your sacrifices. To the mother-in-laws who have raised the husbands we love. We thank you. To God-mother’s  or mom # 2’s in our lives who will listen to us when at times we feel like we don’t have an outlet for our feelings. We appreciate you. For those mothers- to-be who are expecting. God Bless You! Mother’s we thank you for praying for us and our children or future children. We thank you for those odd times of the day when we need u the most and feel like we just can’t balance it all.  For my mom, who is always challenging me to to utilize my gifts. I love you!

Starving Christians just wants to say, we salute you on this day. You are beautiful! We love You! We see you! You are enough.


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