Graduation Day!


Dear Graduate aka ME!

Whew! You made it. It’s been five years since you moved from California to DC/Maryland area. You were 26, hurting from a failed relationship, you were thriving in your career in church ministry but you wanted to connect more in depth with the lives you were touching . You constantly questioned whether your calling was suppose to integrate in the career you wanted out of this Pastoral /Clinical Mental Health Counseling Program. Five years later, I’m happy to say God answered your question through paving a way for you to pass the counseling licensure exam, to truly enjoy counseling people during your internships and to make it to graduation day!

Through these five years, I have learned that my heart is more sensitive that I lead on but also more stronger than I thought. I learned that I have to be proactive in advocating for myself because not everyone will understand or know why the word NO is not a plan b for you. I learned that I have the ultimate decision for my life and not to be persuaded on the direction of what others think I should go or do for my life. I learned that not all plans that seems logical to the natural eye work well within the supernatural –so because of this, hold true to Gods voice, His voice always speaks louder. I learned that pride blocks blessings. I learned there is healing in transparency. I learned that telling the lows of my journey connects the healing within others.

I learned that what you give out is not always going to be reciprocated in the same fashion. But having patience allows things to unfold beautifully based on my needs and not what I think I want. I learned fighting Gods natural course of things will only hinder my own prayers for the desires of my heart.

I learned what it felt like for my legs to buckle down in hearing the loss of loved ones. But within the healing, I learned who would be there for me to pick me back up. I’ve learned the disadvantages of doubting God but have seen the advantages of his unfailing love and grace towards me. I learned “me time” is crucial and writing is only one part of my voice. I know now that I still have so many gifts inside of me that needs to be heard. I’ve learned to say I’m BOMB unapologetically. I learned that if I stay focused in my own lane there’s no time for comparison.

So today I’m graduating with so much more than a degree. I’m graduating both in the natural and supernatural but I do not see this chapter of my life as a closing of one or a beginning of another. I see this as a continuation of a well written journey of a woman’s quest on finding answers to her ultimate question …Lord, how else do you want to use me?


Dear Lord, Thank you for this moment.


  1. Amen!!!!Congrats to you. Im so proud of you to watch for a distance reaching your dreams…You rock girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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