In Your Name I Pray: A Man’s Prayer


Dear God,

Sometimes I don’t know why You Bless me but I’m glad you do. Even when I strayed from your desired path, you kept me and provided your grace. You’ve shown me over and over again just how much You love me and I’m so thankful to call you Father. Right now, I’m thanking you in advance for my future wife and family. I desire to be married and so I ask that you please continue to mold me into the strong leader and protector that you called me to be.

I want to be a good husband and father and I know that with your help, I will achieve this goal. Help me to make wise financial decisions so that I am able to provide a stable life for my family. The enemy is not pleased when he sees men living right and not living for the world, but I am motivated to stay on this path of righteousness because I know it is pleasing to your sight. Keep me from temptation and help me to be faithful to my future wife even before we marry. I don’t want to take any baggage into our relationship. I believe that if I put you first you will give me the desires of my heart and provide just what I need. I thank you for doing these things.

In your name I pray, Amen.



Prayer by David Hunter, Jr., Author of Pen in My Hand

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