Ahhh! Words cannot express how excited I am to be in Jet Magazine! Months ago I talked about some of the vulnerabilities, insecurities, and worries I had about being diagnosed with a vocal disorder. I began to question God, why would he allow something like this affect my communication when I wanted to counsel and encourage people? God showed me that He has equipped me with more than enough, even when something looks like it has been taken away! So being in Jet Magazine is a huge testament to trusting God and watching Him move, even when it feels uncomfortable. I have been blogging for 4 years now, and sometimes I didn’t always get the number of views, the comments, or the likes I wanted, but I was always grateful that even if just one person read the blog then that is one person I may have blessed. That still remains today as I hope my spirituality piece in Jet reaches at least just one person or thousands. Read, share and like here: http://www.jetmag.com/life/spirituality-preserve-mental-health/


Thank you for always supporting Starving Christians Blog!


  1. Soo proud of you..God has a plan and a purpose for your life.. walk in it!! Congratulations..Keep writing

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