Good Grief


My condolences extend to anyone who has lost a family member, a close friend and/or colleague(s) during this time. This subject is a sensitive topic to talk about, however we can agree that through prayer, encouragement, and support there is healing. We hear cliche’s like ” there will be light at the end of the tunnel” but in our pain, frustration, and feelings of disbelief, some of our tunnels may feel longer and deeper than others depending on the closeness of those we may have lost. As a result of this, it may take longer for our healing process [and that is ok]. The wonderful thing about our God is that you don’t have to fight through these emotions alone; with Gods power and strength you will get to the light in your tunnel at a pace that is conducive to you.

In counseling, we learn that there are 5 Stages of the Grief process that we tend to experience. Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression and Acceptance. Although, you may not have personally experienced all of them you definitely felt the tension of at least one of them. There is no timetable on when you will heal from these stages, as the intention is not for you to learn how to forget your loved one, but is encouraging you to discover and learn ways how to cope with the loss and still keep your loved one in your hearts.

The Bible teaches us that it is okay to grieve for your loved ones, for it says in Matthew 5:4, “Blessed are those that mourn, for they shall be comforted.” Which tells us, as you yearn for comfort, God’s love for you shines brighter and brighter everyday and that, “He heals the broken hearted, binding up their wounds.” Psalms 147:3

A lot of times, my coping mechanism during my healing process was singing. My favorite song that has always put me in a better place is, “The Storm” by Greg O’ Quinn. The lyrics go:

 “ …..Even though your winds blow, I want you to know. You cause me no alarm, cuz’ I’m safe in his arms. Even though your rains fall, I can still make this call. Let there be peace now I can say… Go away I command you to move today. Because of faith I have a brand new day. The sun will shine and I will be ok. That’s what I told the storm. I told the storm to pass, storm you cant last. Go…away…I command you to move today ..

It is truly a powerful and uplifting gospel song! God understands your sorrow and He has not forgotten about you. He confirms this in John 16:33, “ I have told you these things that you will have peace of heart and mind, Here on earth you will have many trials and sorrows, but cheer up, for I have overcome the world.” God also understands the physical need of comfort so He makes sure you don’t feel alone through friends and family calls, texts, visitations and comfort foods to show you that you are loved and that you have a network of support who are there for you as well.

I am praying for you as I speak peace and strength over you, and may God continue to comfort you during your pain for such a time as this, in Jesus Name. Amen. God Bless.

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