The Miracle Play For Your Life


The Complainer’s Team. This is the self made team that I have put myself on, as I have been complaining this past week of all the things that have been going wrong in my life. One could even say that I have been a devoted teammate to The Complainer’s. (hehe) I have joined the likes of biblical characters like Jeremiah and Job as they too have cried, complained,  questioned God, became angry at God and felt sufferings.

As I stared at the score of the picture above in disbelief of Sunday’s football game between the Ravens vs Jaguars, I started to think about what kind of state of mind did the Jaguars team have in the beginning? Although the picture shows the Jaguars winning score, their journey to that score is where the miracle lies. Here was a a team who had thirteen game losses and one could only assume that they were also on The Complainer’s team as well. They too probably complained, questioned their team and even their coach through each defeat time and time again. However, this Sunday’s game was going to be different, it was going to bring them hope. The original ending score was Ravens 20-Jaguars 19 with no time left in the 4th quarter of the game. It would appear that this meant the Ravens actually won the game. The Jaguars probably thought they had lost… AGAIN. But unbeknownst to the Jaguars, the Ravens defensive linebacker Elvis Dumervil, face masked the Jaguars quarterback at the last second of the game. Now, in football, you cannot end the game with a defensive penalty (flag on the play), so the Jaguars were given an extra play regardless of the fact that the time was up in the game. The Jaguars kicker resumed with their extra play, made a field goal which consequently led them to win the game 22-20!

Now being that I am a Ravens fan, I hate to say this, but the remarkable thing about this game is that the Jaguars ended their thirteen game losing streak all because of a play that rarely happens in football despite the timeline that was given to them. Taking on this same notion from the game, if we are to believe God is the Alpha and the Omega– where He does not abide by nor is limited to this concept of time; then how can we, including myself, complain, stress, and wonder how our dreams or goals are going to come to pass even during those times where we feel like we are having our own Jaguars losing streak?

When I think of failure turned success stories, I think of people like First Lady, Michelle Obama, who failed the Illinois Bar Exam on her first attempt. Walt Disney, who was fired by a newspaper editor because he “lacked imagination”. Maybe this even applies to you. You may have been in pursuit to rekindle a friendship or attain things you have been working so hard for but felt like you’ve reached a road block. Your passions are beginning to dwindle and you are no longer interested in those things that brought life into you before. But the God we serve wants us to activate our faith!

Pastor Michael A. Walron, Jr. of First Corinthian Baptist Church-NYC preached in a sermon saying, “don’t worry about God’s mechanisms, you just need to follow God’s directives. Stop asking why, when, and what is going to happen in order to get things done. Just trust and follow God’s directives”.  By obeying God, this catapults our faith to a higher level. If you have asked God to take you higher in Him, then you also need to understand the way God may choose to do your request might not be the illustration of rose pedals falling from the sky as we skip through the park and laugh and we get everything we want right away. Taking you higher in God may have you going through blizzards that may not make sense to you. Yet God wants you to know that just like the Jaguars vs Ravens game; watch Him give you that extra play, with no seconds left, when it seems like the doors are all being closed, when you keep getting rejection letter after rejection letter and bills are piling up. He can change your outcome even after you feel like you have done all you can.

Watch your miracle happen as God has the final say and score for your life!

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  1. This is an exceptional perspective that was impeccably written! Thank you for being an available vessel for the Lord. Godly proud!

  2. Yes!!!!!!!! Amen indeed to this perspective. I didn’t see the game but heard about it. Just when you think that you may be down for the count!!! God IS good!!

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