NYE: Phone off–Heart Open.

nyeheartSigh. A New Year is approaching, time to find that NYE outfit! Glitter dresses, suits with Italian leather shoes; the traffic, yes it is coming! However, for the single person it can quickly become doomsday. Questions of: Where should I go? Who to go with? God forbid you being by yourself on NYE. (Somehow this day and Valentine’s Day always makes me roll my eyes). So you immediately start texting friends on the happenings in the city, you peruse the internet on places to go, which place would look like the most fun to post on Facebook or Instagram to prove to everyone you are not alone, that your life is still normal without a plus one. For some, they will go to church just for the religious aspect of saying, “I went to church,” or because they couldn’t find anywhere else to go so church became there plan D. I remember going to church on New Year’s 2yrs ago and felt so alone that I said I would never do that again. Keep in mind that I have traveled solo plenty of times and out of the country by myself and have never felt more alone than I did on NYE at church. I told a friend about how I felt at church and she said, “Really? No not me, I was hugging everyone and felt fine!” I thought wow, how awesome it must feel to be that in tuned with God’s presence and not feel alone, to be caught up within the presence of God and feel so connected.

As I was in the midst of writing another blog this question popped into my mind as I was typing:

Can you be completely filled by just MY presence alone? Do you think you can ever be so in tuned with God that you feel like He is standing right next to you; there to hold your hand in a room filled with couples? Can He be the only person to fulfill that heart break? That only person you dress up for? How bad do you want to be with someone instead of with the One (God)?

These self-reflective questions had me at a stand-still. I had all these plans on trying NOT to spend New Year’s by myself because I didn’t want to feel alone, that it put a pause on my mastermind plans. So I thought what an awesome challenge for myself to put me in a place out of my comfort zone, out of my scapegoat to be surrounded with people and to just BE. So I thought for these next two days I am fasting to usher His presence within me. To become and feel more connected to Him than ever before as I am entering into 2014. I cannot answer if He will lead me to go to church on that day or to stay at home and worship with God at home by reading a spiritual book, praying…or just crying unto Him, head bowed and humbling His presence through me. But I do know wherever I will be on New Year’s Eve I will have my phone off and heart open unto Him.

Where will you be in 2014?

Read this Meditation scripture for the New Year:  Hebrews 10:19-25


  1. This one was excellent! I’m chiming in on this to all the singles.. This feeling “alone” doesn’t always go away with finding that special someone. We can forever chase that “what if” ..or I will be complete “when”.. You can have that someone next to you every day..and still be “alone” .. that place can only be filled by HIM. no counterfeits allowed! HAPPY NEW YEAR to all ! (love you shay – Mom)

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