A Prayer for Releasing Disappointment in God…


Guest contributing writer: Anonymous


        Please give me a new perspective on my past hurts, times I felt that you had abandoned me, or positioned me to be hurt. Please give me a deeper understanding. Show me where to go in your Word to reveal a new layer of wisdom. Allow me to see Your good, faithful, loving and powerful hand in my life, in ways that I never have before, even the hard and traumatizing times. Please extract the power from those times. Allow them to have no more power over me. Please forgive me for trying to replace You with other things, people and my own ability and power. Allow me to see the army encamped around me, and breathe in me a fresh faith that comes out of this new revelation. I place You back on the throne of my life and the throne of my heart. Now, in this moment, I am choosing to believe You are a good God, an attentive and loving Father, a patient and benevolent King, and a powerful and all-wise God. This is articulated clearly in Your Word (Isaiah 61:1-9),  and I believe it. I ask You for the faith to trust, believe and obey You, even when, especially when I do not understand and cannot see. The patience and discernment when I cannot hear You, and the love and faithfulness in my heart, even when I cannot feel Your Presence.
        I struggle with the concept of belonging to You, giving my life as a reasonable service, and acknowledging You in all that I do. I pray that you release the strong holds of abuse and perversion that has turned this holy concept into something manipulative in my mind and heart. Help me. Reveal the true nature of this healthy and righteous and peaceful connection in my heart and in Your Word. Allow me to accept, internalize and repurpose Your love for me, giving it to the world– those who have been hurt like me. Oh, Lord, that I may get a glimpse of the power You have entrusted in me. Use all of me: my hurts, past, triumphs, education, talent, understanding, wisdom, financial resources and my voice to do Your will in the Earth. To spread Your hope of light, healing, provision, love, holiness, and self-love and actualization in the Earth. I stand against any attacks the Enemy has sent towards me, my loved ones and my enemies in the Earth.
           I am no longer willing to be bound by the illusion of:  defeat, poverty, a warped sense of self, sin, perversion, lies, abuse, addiction, lack of self-control, gluttony, idolatry, self-hatred, uncleanliness, confusion, illness, envy, violence, hatred and any thought that exhalts itself above the knowledge of You. Fill me with Your Holy Spirit, that I may have the power to do and be as You have called. Let it be on Earth as You have set forth in Heaven according to my life and my destiny on Earth. May I never lose sight of where my Home is and Who my Father Is. May I live this life abundantly, according to Your Word. May I be filled with a holy joy, a love for others and a love for You that I have never had.
In the precious, saving and cleansing name of Jesus,

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