Great Expectations from the Broken-Hearted

brokenheartIt’s hard when a relationship or a friendship ends. In building a connection with someone, we tend to put our faith in a person to never “wrong” us in any way. [In the back of our minds we know they are human but over time that person in our minds can do no wrong]. We reveal and lay out our emotions, our heart, happiness, and our personal story in another person’s hands. However, when he/she “slip-up” and fails to meet our “great expectation” of what we have entrusted to them, we then become outraged and self-islolated; distraught from the backstabbing, cheating, not being there in your time of need, watching them change into a person you no longer know; whatever the case, it has caused you to be in this position of mistrust, hurt, anger, confusion, and etc.

This state of confusion can lead to the question of: ” Where do I go from here? I feel I am not complete without him/her and I will never move on! ” Elijah felt a similar way in 1 Kings 19:1-8 where he just wanted to give up and shut down from reality because of his situation, however God sent an angel to him that told him in verse. 7 “Get up and eat, for the journey is too much for you.”8 So he got up and ate and drank. Strengthened by that food, he traveled forty days and forty nights until he reached Horeb, the mountain of God.

{Have you ever had a parent, a teacher or a supervisor be more tough on you than the rest of your friends or colleagues? Then you hear them tell you the expression “it’s when I’m not being tough on you is when you should be worried”? This means that, that person see’s something in you to push you to be better.}

And that is exactly what God is telling us. God has stored so much in you to be a complete christian that he wants you to ” Get up and go eat”…To shake off those feelings of being ‘down in the dumps’ and those expectations you have set for people and to go into the ‘deep’ with God. Start developing an apetite for His Word to satisfy you completely. Begin to have an intimate relationship with Him and read what He expects from you as a believer. Fall so deep within Him that even if your significant person in your life come in or goes out of your life for a season or permanetly, you will forever remain in tact because you know God still has a purpose for you! Your world is not through. If you can put your trust into a total stranger who you have grown to know in a couple of months, why not try God who created you and thought about you before you were even born?

There are three roles we have in this life and that is the belief ofFreedom, Acceptance, and Responsibility. In Psychology, they would refer to this approach as the Existential Approach. It is the belief that we have the freedom to to do or make decisions for our lives yet, we also have the responsibility to accept those choices we have made and be responsible for those choices.  We must understand he/she human has flaws just like you. Wouldn’t you want to put your hands in someone who is flawless? Who would never set out to hurt or harm you unintentionally or intentionally? At times, we seek in people to become our savior instead of seeking God who is Our Savior, and months, years go by with all of your hopes wrapped up in one person, that once that person is gone you feel alone. But, We serve a God who is consistently consistent! So instead of blaming others on this position you are facing; we must take responsibility of giving power to another human being. Let’s make the conscious effort to not allow someone to have the power over your life. The power of consuming most of your time trying to figure things out on your own, the power of making you feel worthless, the power of feeling that you do not deserve a true friendship/ relationship.

Start to review your life’s choices: Who do you seek in your midst of loneliness/comfort/confusion? Is it God or another human being?

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