Starving Christians Online Book Club is HERE!


That’s right you heard us! Starving Christians has started a Online Book Club group on Facebook! The wonderful thing about an Online Book Club is that you can start your own discussion thread anytime! You never have to worry about a meeting space (gas is high and so are flights for some of you lol), appetizers or cleaning up!

This is a safe place to grow in the lord and fellowship with like-minded people who want to soak up as much knowledge about the Lord through books (of course The Bible is #1). I will start off with the 1st suggested book and will post an opening question of “What Book should we read next?” and based off those answers, we will do a poll to see which one won!

Book Club Rules:
#1. We will respect each others opinions, statements, and advice (There is a difference between a good healthy heated debate and plain disrespect)*anything disrespectful WILL be deleted and possibly you–still love you with love of the Lord though lol*
#2. Willing and open to Learn
#3. PICK A GOOD BOOK for us to read 🙂

To add yourself to the Facebook Book Club here:

For book reviews click here:

Here is my first Youtube post that explains about the Book Club in detail:  

See you online!! Can’t wait! 🙂

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