Are you a Starving Christian?

Hungry_for_GodAre you hungry for God’s Word? You will be amazed how your day is changed when you keep your mind stayed on Jesus. Through the good I say, “Thank You Jesus” and even through the bad I say “I thank you Jesus, anyhow!” Here is MY personal schedule of how I stay hungry for the Lord!

Here’s a Starving Christians Daily Hunger Schedule:

Morning Breakfast:

6:30AM-7:00 EST-  Morning Devotion/Meditation/Yoga or Workout

7AM EST Morning Prayer Conference Call:

  • (Create a prayer line conference with a spiritual mentor/family/friends
  • If you don’t have that spiritual support for Women I recommend – Girlfriend’s Pray
  • *Men if you have some recommendations post them below

Afternoon Lunch: Enjoy your lunch! Music on, World Off!

Quick Snack/Energy Booster: Discuss with a friend/parent/ mentor what you learned or want more clarification about what you read or going through. Iron sharpens iron! Don’t be afraid to ask or give your testimony! We are here on this earth to lift each other up!

Dinner: 8:30PM (Sidenote: this is time I would LIKE to have my Nightly Devotion)

For my night owls: (11:30pm is when I ACTUALLY have my Nightly Devotion lol)

  • Read the Bible
  • Surf the Net of some of your favorite pastors sermons/christian webisodes
  • “Add to cart” christian books you would like to read
  • Look up more gospel artists to add to your playlist- create an atmosphere of praise and worship for the next day!

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