How Do I Study My Bible?

      As “Starving Christians,” we are hungry to know more about God’s Word but sometimes we can become so consumed with our family, relationships, jobs, friendships and money that we lose sight of God. Suddenly we start to scan the Bible for words that will only encourage us to make it to the next day, we go to church to get our “refill” for the week and when asked have you slowed down to truly have a devotion with God, your first response is “I don’t have time but God knows my heart.” Did you forget who is the master of time? How God decided to find “time” to wake you up this morning?  For the mature Christian, you may understand the infrastructure of the church and of God and give out cliché’ sayings like, “God is Good, God is Love, He’s an on time God, We have to keep faith, Thank God I’m saved, God Died for Us, I pray everyday” and etc. However, do we truly understand WHY God loves us? Why we should love everyone? Why we have to have faith? What does being saved REALLY mean? Have we really experienced God? Experience what He can do for you?

All of the answers to those questions are in The Bible! So we ask you these questions below:

Do you know how to really dissect the bible and read between the “thou’s and thee’s”?

Do you even know where to begin to really mature in your Christian walk?

Do you have a set time on when to study God’s word?

No? Well we have found this amazing webisode from Joseph Solomon, web personality from Houston,TX,  who tackles theses question for us in, “How Do I Study My Bible?” His delivery to this exact question is relatable and helps “FEED” your spirit and mind. Watch this below and let’s grow as Christians!

Follow Joseph Solomon on twitter@whatisjoedoing @chaseGod as well as his Youtube channel ChaseGodTv !

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