Healing Wounds of the Past


A man was shot in the arm one day. When he was strong enough to get up, without going to a hospital, he tracked down the person that shot him. He angrily approached them explaining to them on how they hurt him so much. He told the person, since they caused the pain, they needed to fix it. He wanted him to work on his arm, remove the bullet and stitch him up. The person apologized and said that there was nothing more they could do because they didn’t know HOW to fix the wound they caused. The man went home and wrapped the arm in clothing. Not long after, the wound bled through the cloth and reminded the man of what happened and he still felt the pain, so he went BACK to the person that shot him and explained what misery the arm was still causing him. He told the man that it was difficult for him to move forward in his life with the pain of his arm still relevant. The man could not do anything about it.

While reading this story you are probably saying to yourself, “What is wrong with this man? Why won’t he just go to a hospital to see a doctor?!” It seems silly and ridiculous that he would go to the man who shot him for help!” This is a serious wound that can only be taken care of by a trained physician. The man is wasting his time with the very person who caused the injury.”
Well, while it seems silly in this scenario and seems as though the person has lost his mind, this is the very thing we have all done at one point in our lives. We expect the person that left our lives years ago to heal the pain. Then we hold grudges, resentment, and hatred for them because they cannot do so. We beseech them for answers in hopes that it will put our spirit at rest with that situation so that we can move on. We go to that ex that broke our heart, getting into it with them every time we speak, because there is still resentment from the break up. Every time we feel the pain of loneliness it makes us look back at the person that “caused” it. We keep at it yearning for vindication that never comes. However,  here are some things to remember when dealing with the wounds of the past:
The person that hurt you is NOT qualified to heal you. They cannot remove the bullet, clean the wound, stitch it up, seal it OR heal the scar it left behind. They will not do check up visits to see if the wound has completely healed or the pain has gone.

You don’t put a band aid on a wound that requires surgery. Alcohol, drugs, and any other “coping mechanism” will not make the pain go away permanently. In fact, it will only add to your misery.

Only a physician (God) has the credentials to heal you the way that you need to be healed. He has the knowledge, resources and experience that will ensure a proper recovery.

• When you go to a physician you tell them your symptoms, and from there THEY figure out what they need to do to heal you. You do not go to the Dr. And tell them how to do the surgery you require. You go in expectation that they are qualified to know already what to do.

• If you trust a human physician so much who is merely man, why then is it so difficult to trust GOD?

• A doctor will write prescriptions for medicine that will help ease the pain.

• God gives your scriptures to help ease the pain.

• If you don’t take the meds prescribed, you may not get better.

• You have to be an ACTIVE participant in your healing.

Constantly going back to the person who hurt you is as ridiculous as the story of the man with the gun shot wound. You may be saying “I haven’t gone back to them, or I haven’t talked to them.” Well you go back to them every time you think about them, the situation, or what could have been. Eventually your thoughts will become your actions. Renew your thinking, and think on things that are excellent and praiseworthy. Go to your personal physician (God) to get healing from your past wounds.

-Be Blessed.


Contributing Writer, Cyre King

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  1. Great message and reminder for so many. I know one person in particular who cannot move forward and continues to return to place blame for the pain. One can only apologize, but cannot give you the help that you truly need!! Amen!

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