Categories of Visual Arts and Religion

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I believe my religion is my form of art that I choose to study and look at the hermeneutics of every stroke where God’s Word has become my blueprint of Christian living. Even when humanity has chosen to depict and express itself in their own way within each of those strokes, this art gives me the freedom to express myself in everything I do. It encompasses in how I dress, how I respond to situations, how I choose to love, show love and who I choose to reject to be in my life based on the worth God has called this canvas He calls my temple and my body a dwelling place of existence.

It is a choice of creativity and faith that I have chosen as a sustainable lifestyle. It’s a progression and enhancement that transforms into praise and worship that everyone can relate to. Like for those who beat to their own drums in life I have found the greatest instrument is or own voice and how we can speak life and death from out of it. My art gives me confidence, strength, boldness, healing, therapy, and endurance. My religion is universal for all to access. It is liberation from the mindset that being a Christian will have no distress or pain but if you back away from this canvas you will see its grace-fully and the frequency of that grace is unlimited and unknown. The thing I love about my art is that the reward is self-fulfillment. It doesn’t fit the cookie cutter format but its dope in every way. Art has layers to it and I have the ability to find the depth in it by living each day by building character or by choosing to stay on the surface by only peeling back or exposing one facet from it, the choice is mine.

However, I am very strategic on what types of tools I use to create my art, the packaging of being a certain denomination is an art form I don’t mind for others to identify for me but it is not at all what I choose to accept or limit myself in all I can be. This art is always interesting in terms of what I express and who gravitates toward my art either through interest, by accident or rejection. Some may call this by-passing destiny and for others maybe fate. But what I want people to feel and take away from my art is to be changed. Even if I ruffle feathers at least it’s still a pathway to a cause that goes beyond me and is greater than me. When I follow my heart, people are experiencing a spirit that cannot dilute or compromise His will; which is forever and always…my form of religion and art.

When I lost religion, I found God. –unknown


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