A Poem for The Wanderers- Psalms 107


A long time ago, I wrote down all these different thoughts that were just coming to my mind all at once…I wrote them down and didn’t erase it and at the end I found my answer, it was pure poetry for me. I never threw it away and as I stumbled acrossed it I realized how deep this really was. It was as if I was self-reflecting and God was answering to my thoughts ...has journaling/ writing been therapeutic for you as it has been for me?

Below are my thoughts, the letters that are in bold I feel were God’s responses:

Searching for completeness that ties into happiness, we go long distances just to carve out our own independence, but we forget that being independent this life doesn’t hand you a pendant; just a big bow that ties into more responsibility. So now getting money is what you aim for ?, thinking if you find ways to get it you will be fulfilled more ?; so you keep searching

You say you have no time to find love but deep down your soul cries for it– yet you patch up your leak with a rolodex of names and with every name there is a face that looks so mundane.They all want your time (don’t they seem so needy); but none of them are what you are destined for so you intentionally unintentionally try not to find love not realizing the one you seek defines agape love.

Thumb stuck out on the side of the curb, head down ashamed of how you got yourself in this position…and by the way where is that job position promised after you pay your four year college tuition? Traveling city to city to find the promise land of higher paid jobs you were told you will get once you get a degree, but no one tells you for the next 2 to 4 yrs you will be in purgatory. Promised lies, no family ties, men and women lie, no independent medal, but I’m not here to meddle just trying to stay afloat of this spiritual battle. Flip’n through the Word like I’m a speed reader, just wanna find the answer but not really reading the details. For you and I, God hands bled through each nail.

Wandering through this life just to follow the path and power of his bloodshed. Don’t become blind to God’s Will; leaving you in darkness with outstretched hands reaching for physical gratification with no spiritual satisfaction. Trust in His care and provision and in him lies…your VISION!

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