Ready, Aim, Fire: Repositioning Your Life

ready aim fireA lot of times out of frustration we are told by our parents or friends to “just pick something!” as it relates to finding a job that we are truly happy in.However, no one has taught us the process of obtaining our target. There needs to be a physical liaison between you and the resources you need to get to where you’re going. (Clearly we have God for our spiritual ) I recommend reading T.D. Jakes book Reposition Yourself, as he asks a very profound question: Are you Ready for what is about to happen? Have you thought about what achieving your dream would do to your life? Being in a state of preparation is more than extending your hand out waiting for the blessings to flow. It is perfecting your craft mentally and physically. If you are an painter, are you going to art galleries, networking, etc? If you are a writer who wants to publish a book, have you prepared yourself mentally that there may be a few rejections or barriers before you get that YES you are waiting for? Being Ready for the NEXT and not the NOW can be the exact fuel and motivation needed to take you to the next step to AIM for your target at hand.

As for me, when I AIMED for my designated goal there was a lot of back tracking and procrastination that kept me out of the Will of God; which then made my focus blurry. Take this visual for example: Pretend you have a dart in hand and the board is 10 ft. in front of you. Can you throw the dart on the board if your eyes are blurry? No, right? And if you were to throw your dart with your impaired vision someone may get hurt by it. And that is what happens when you lose sight of your goals. Our darts can be in the form of blaming people for our mistakes, saying things out of anger to a loved one because we are not where we want to be, becoming the caution sign: “Move out the way, the angry person is here,” our bad choices may leak on to our parents who end up footing the bill; and nobody wants to be the victim ALL the time. So even if you have to take a step back to re-focus your thoughts and analyze your next step; DO SO! This can be downsizing your lifestyle, making sacrifices, re-evaluating your friendships – do what is necessary to live a more authentic life for you. Once you are back focused on the task at hand you will find yourself being a Fireball of endurance! There will be a sense of contentment and peace because you have prepared yourself for the rejections/barriers that may arise, challenged yourself to stay focus no matter what and you can trust that if God promises something over your life He will be right there holding your arm with you. And if you continue to FIRE off your dreams eventually your dart will land in Jesus name!

Like T.D. Jakes says in his book; just because things are DELAYED does not mean they are DENIED! Stay on fire for Jesus and He will be on Fire for You!


  1. Awesome words of wisdom you really blessed my spirit and just ignited a whole new fire in my life. I thank you for sharing your wisdom these words truly impacted my thoughts and my life!

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