Don’t Make a Career Out of Fear

Did you hear the buzz about how there is a new job position available with better pay and hours as you were passing by your works lunch room? Was your first thought “I’m probably not adequate enough for that job because my of my education and/or work experience” ?

That was my first thought when God put me in a church to work as a IT Project Coordinator when my degree was in Fashion Merchandising. I had no clue about the IT world nor did I have an interest in it. Every task I was given it seemed like I had to always re-edit my work, re-submit emails to my co-workers with a disclaimer saying “Sorry, please disregard that last email, here is what I meant to send” it was always something! And I begin to ask God daily “Lord please reveal and bring clarity on why I am here, open my eyes to my purpose, and show me how I can best serve you because I am really struggling and feel defeated”.  I spoke to one of my co-workers about my feelings of inadequacy for the job and he asked me, “What does Inadequate really mean?” I looked it up on and it said, 1. Not adequate; lacking the quality or quality required; insufficient for a purpose 2. Unable to deal with a situation or with life.” And I then I went to the Word and I realized I am neither number one or two for,

His divine power has given us everything we need for life and godliness through our knowledge of him who called us by his own glory and goodness”! 2 Peter 1:3

And for this Word to come true, we must rely on Him for everything and He will deal with every area and situation of our lives. We all have certain weaknesses that we secretly don’t want to be exposed or afraid we are going to mess up because of those weaknesses. However don’t validate those thoughts Satan wants you to believe of “Aw man I knew this was too much for me” or ” I don’t qualify for that job,”  because here it is a year later, my job tile has changed to Social Media Analyst, where I am now able to spread the gospel of Jesus online. I couldn’t ask for a better a job! It might take weeks, months, or years before you actually understand why God had you or still has you in that certain situation but we have to believe that it is for a purpose way greater than you and I. So break that spirit of feeling inadequate in Jesus name for The Bible says, “walk by faith and not by sight.” So whether it’s for a career, a church role or just simply as a chairperson on a volunteer committee we have to trust that the Will of God will not take you where the Grace of God will not protect you.

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