A Statement of Prayer for your Purpose

I wrote this to a friend and thought…man EVERYONE NEEDS TO READ THIS!:

I know you have been struggling with your purpose and things are not lining up the way you may want them to go, and yes it can be frustrating. I can even see where it may lead you to the point of hopelessness, but you know who else had the same problem? The man who went to the pool of the Bestheda who was having problems and was lame (unable to walk) for 38 years. [Please read John 5 for reference] . I’m sure you can only imagine what state of mind he was in; he was probably doubtful, hopeless and numb and may have even begun to accept that his predicament would forever be his life’s story. And in this day and age it is so easy to be become like the people at the pool of Bethesda; For there were those who were blind (people blinded by God’s vision because they allowed a fog of external circumstance to blind them), the lame (unable to walk in Gods Will), and the paralyzed (being numb to your living situation and/or circumstance and accepting that this is how things will be for your life)…Are you one of the three?

We pray for miracles to get us out of the situation we are in, but What is a miracle? A miracle is a spiritual lesson of God showing up and showing out and manifesting itself to point you back to God. Have you fasted and prayed on what he wants you to grow and learn from your situation? We want God to fix our external circumstances BUT we must ask God to fix our internal first. Where do you start? Begin on casting your cares on Him, “LETTING GO” and having “FAITH” that He will lead you into your life’s purpose . Tune out everyone’s advice on the path for your life and have an open ear to Him.

“For God is not a God of disorder but of peace. As in all the congregations of the saints,”

1 Corinthians 14:33

So when things are crazy at your job just say “EVEN NOW LORD, I thank you,” and continue to wait on the Lord. It’s that simple. In order to find your peace within God, you have to be open to His lesson and accept that things will always come up but your MIND is your thermostat for self PEACE.

Our Prayer for You:
Dear Lord,

We thank you for waking us up today. We know we all have choices in life and yet you CHOSE to wake us up another day. Dear Lord I lift up our readers right now who may be searching for self-purpose, self-peace, self-love, or self-worth for a long time. We know that you are not a God of confusion and you said we are predestined for a purpose and we believe that. Breathe on us your peace, direction, and a sound mind. WE bind that spirit of depression in the name of Jesus, control our thoughts and minds and help us to hold on to your Word and promise. Take us to new levels within you. Rejuvenate our spirit and ACCEPT that you are all knowing God. You control the wind and the waves, and we ask that you rush into our heart the peace you have within and teach us to smile not only from the outside but from within. Help us to be made whole and understand what that means for our life. Lord we know we cannot carry the weight of the world, so help us to “let go” for you said in, Matthew 6:34 Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.

Forgive us if we have doubted you, for we know that devil brings Doubt, Discouragement, Destruction into our minds and when we recognize those thoughts help us to resist the devil for you said he will flee! We thank you for the storms because we know it leads to growth, for it is written that we are more than a CONQUEROR in Jesus name….Amen!

“LET GO”! 🙂

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